Do You Really NEED That Exercise Gadget? Will You Really USE it?

November 29th, 2008

Exercise and weight loss do not have to be expensive undertakings. If you find that you are spending a lot of money on special equipment and still not reaching your weight loss goals, perhaps you should consider conducting a wee feasibility study before your next purchase.

The next time you are thinking about buying a new piece of exercise equipment (or joining a gym), try to think about how you are going to fit that new equipment/membership into your life. If you think you will use it after work, then before you spend any money, try to go for a walk (or a run, or do some other sort of exercise that doesn’t require you to buy any new equipment) after work ten times in one month before you let yourself buy it.

If you easily pass the ten-times test, then go ahead and buy it because you have already set yourself up for success by putting yourself in the habit of exercising at that time.

If you don’t pass the test, ask yourself why. Was it because you don’t really have time after work? If so, then do another ten-times feasibility study in another part of the day so you can determine the best time to introduce this new piece of equipment into your life. No sense having it if you don’t have time to use it. Or do you have the time, but not the motivation? In that case, how much motivation will the new piece of equipment buy you? Be honest with yourself — and take points off for every other piece of equipment that you have ever bought and not used more than 10 times.

Giving yourself a rational basis for the decision-making process when it comes to buying exercise equipment can save you a whole lot of money in the long run, if you tend to buy stuff and then not use it. Try to notice this sort of behaviour and do not give in to your urge to buy until you have proven to yourself that, not only do you really NEED this fabulous new piece of equipment, but that you have actually collected evidence that you will be able to fit it into your life.

2 Responses to “Do You Really NEED That Exercise Gadget? Will You Really USE it?”

  1. James Bruce Says:

    Totally agree. Last year I made a huge frugal fail by getting a step machine, thinking it would be the answer to all my prayers as I could step along while watching movies or something. Like hell.

    If you really want to get fit, or lose weight – start cycling to work. Everyday.

  2. JoJo Wex Says:

    I am a career dieter, so the last thing I needed was another menu plan to follow. What I needed was to change my way of thinking. Brooke Castillo has given me the tools that I needed. There are times that the words speak exactly what I feel. I have now bought 4 copies of the book to share, as well as the “coach in a box.” I am confident and positive that I will be a thin person who takes care of herself. I get closer every day to that image. I can not urge anyone strongly enough to give themselves this book. To paraphrase Byron Katie (another great read whose work is referenced in this) It will change your life– but only 100%!